Vision Eye Institute is Australia’s largest private provider of ophthalmic services, with eye clinics servicing Adelaide and the Eastern seaboard. We also operate a suite of world-class day surgeries under the Vision Hospital Group banner.

With a strong commitment to clinical and scientific excellence, Vision Eye Institute is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality outcomes for patients.

Our highly experienced ophthalmologists offer specialist treatment for a wide range of eye conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, retinal and macular disease and corneal conditions, as well as treating more general eye conditions. Read more about our ophthalmologists.

Two of our highly skilled ophthalmologists, Dr Paul Athanasiov and Dr Simone Beheregaray, offer laser eye surgery at our North Adelaide clinic. This includes LASIK and PRK/ASLA, as well as other vision correction options such as refractive lens exchange.

For more information about our Adelaide eye clinics, visit the Vision Eye Institute website:

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