Also see sections on Glaucoma and Glaucmoma: surgical management 

How is glaucoma treated?   

The treatment for glaucoma is to lower the pressure within your eyes (the intraocular pressure or IOP). 

Eye drops: 5 different types of drops; all of them work and are low risk, but different drops work for different people.

Laser: relatively new, but accepted as an excellent treatment or in addition to eye drops

Surgery: usually saved as a last resort for patients who have not had enough results from eye drops or laser.

Will I go blind?

Without treatment, some people become blind and this usually occurs over the course of many years. The most troubling part is that they don’t realise that they are losing vision until they have severe and permanent vision loss. 

The vast majority of people with glaucoma who are being treated and monitored will never go blind; they are still able to drive a car and most people don’t have any trouble in their daily life. 

Are there any lifestyle factors that might help or harm my eyes?

Most things that are good for you heart or brain will be good for your eyes:

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and animals products (or as directed by a nutritionist if you are vegetarian or vegan).

Exercise regularly: low to moderate intensity exercise for at least 20 minutes 3 times per week. Yoga is not suitable for patients with glaucoma.

Do not smoke anything.

Continue your eye drops: if you run out of drops, call for another script. It is very important that you use them regularly as instructed and you do not have time off the treatment. 

Glaucoma surgeryEye drops or laser treatment may fail to lower the eye pressure enough and your surgeon may recommend surgery as the next step. 

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