As at 16/03/2020: 

 Eye Surgeons SA takes the threat of COVID 19 very seriously and has made a number of substantial changes to reduce risk to patients, staff and the community. Some of these are ahead of the curve in regards to what is being recommended by Government but they are in line with what is being recommended by other medical organisations around the country.


Aiming to reduce the overall number of people in clinic at any one time:
- Some patients will be rescheduled for 3 months from now or potentially dealt with over the phone by one of our Ophthalmologists or Optometrists;
- Patients who have travelled overseas recently will be asked to stay home. If your family members have travelled recently we may also ask you to self isolate and delay your appointment for 2 weeks.
- Patients who have travelled interstate by plane in the last 2 weeks will also be asked to stay home if not urgent.
- Maximum of 1 family member to attend clinic with each patient
- Staff asked to work from home if possible
Further changes to the clinic
- Increased space between chairs in waiting room
- Remove magazines and water station (staff can still get you a cup of water when required)
- Alcohol wipes and hand sanitiser stations
- Additional cleaning procedures between patient consults with 70% alcohol solution (as is the best current recommendation)
- Masks and gloves will be worn for all contact and discussion within 1m
- Staff are advised to not bring handbags or backpacks to work and all watches / jewellery below the elbow is banned.
- All staff phones will be wiped with alcohol on arrival


At this stage we plan to go ahead with most surgeries. This is because we can isolate patients and staff quite easily in the sterile environment of a day surgery and surgery to correct your vision remains an important part of life. All surfaces are regularly disinfected anyway and staff are instructed to perform extra barrier methods during check in and discharge. Despite this, we will continue to monitor the national response and may be required to reduce operating in the next few weeks.